Flash-Pro™ / Electric ARC Hood System

Elvex® has been a leader in PPE product innovation for more than 33 years! We have a long term commitment in designing quality safety products that are high in performance, and provide the maximum level of protection. Elvex® has been a quality supplier of over 40,000 Electric Arc Shields to the industry for several years!

With our proven safety record, we are introducing the Elvex® Flash-Pro™ Electric Arc Hood System that has been certified by ARCWEAR and tested at Kinectrics High Current Laboratory.

Our new line, Flash-Pro™ Electric ARC Hood systems are designed to maximize worker safety and protect them from thermal energy releases of 40 cal/cm² and lower.


Why choose Flash-Pro?

The Flash-Pro™ line of Electric ARC protective products are the latest in design and tested at Kinectrics Laboratory to the NEW 2012 ASTM test standard, requiring the elimination of the “double hump”.

Elvex Flash-Pro™ model # HD-FSARC-40 (rated 43 cal/cm²) is the first of a line of Electric ARC Hood systems, which will include additional models of 75 and 100 cal/cm² that are currently in development.

Elvex Flash-Pro™, Product # HD-FSARC40:

  • Certified to ASTM F2178-12 Test Standard.

  • Rated at 43 cal/cm² for NFPA 70E Hazard Risk Category 4 applications.

  • FLASH-PRO™ is a two layer hood made of Westex Ultrasoft 9 oz. over 13 oz.

  • The hood’s ARC Shield is an Elvex proprietary design molded of Polycarbonate material with special absorbers and made with an industry leading .07″ thickness for maximum impact and thermal protection.

  • The shield is light green, with high visible light transmission.

  • The shield’s Anti-Fog coating prevents fogging and insures visibility.

  • The system’s certified components include: Elvex Tectra™ Hard Hat with Visor Bracket and Slot Adaptors, as well as our hood and ARC Shield supplied in one assembly.

Product Name Product Number Product Description
Flash-Pro Electric Arc Shield Hood System HD-FS-ARC40 40 CAL ARC HOOD SYSTEM includes: FS-ARC40, SC-50 Hard Hat, Visor Bracket, Slot Adaptor


ARC rating determination:

Elvex single layer shield is capable of 40 cal/cm² while Elvex dual layer shield is capable of exceeding 100 cal/cm². The fabric systems used may get a lower rating. The hood (final product) rating is determined by the lower rating, of either the fabric system or the face shield.

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