Economy Safety Glasses / Economy Safety Glasses and Spectacles

Safety Glasses don’t have to be uncomfortable or unfashionable, in order to meet the demands of the most budget conscious buyer. This page shows three of our most economical safety glasses. At the bottom of this page you will find links to several other pages showing more fashionable Safety Glasses.

TNT, SG-13, Low Price and Great Style

The new model, TNT (that’s short for Dynamite), SG-13, is stylish, comfortable and protective! The market and the competition is driving prices lower, and we do not want to be left behind. TNT is our lowest priced safety glass. TNT complies with ANSI Z87 requirements.

TNT safety glasses shown with all available lens versions. SG-13, all available lenses

The following models are available:
SG-13C          TNT, clear hard coated Polycarbonate lens.
SG-13C-AF    TNT, clear SuperCoat anti-fog Polycarbonate lens.
SG-13 I/O      TNT, indoor/outdoor, light mirror coated
                       Polycarbonate lens.  
SG-13G          TNT, gray hard coated Polycarbonate lens.

TTS™, SG-15, Lightweight Contemporary Style

Since the Alien style safety glasses has become the most popular style, we felt that adding an economical, but equally protective version would be a smart move. TTS offers sleek styling, likely to impress today’s fashion oriented workers. The close fit and excellent protective features will please employers. The fact that TTS is one of our most economical glasses should make this one of our most successful styles. All lens versions filter our 99% of UV light. Elvex TTS meets the requirements of ANSI Z87+ and CE-EN-166.

TTS safety glasses shown with clear Polycarbonate lens. TTS Safety Glasses

TNT safety glasses shown with all available lenses.

For more information about this model, click on this link.

The TTS™ model is available in the following lens versions:

  • SG-15C Clear hard coated Polycarbonate lens.

  • SG-15A Amber hard coated Polycarbonate lens.

  • 15 I/O Indoor/Outdoor hard coated Polycarbonate lens.

  • SG-15G NCB gray hard coated Polycarbonate lens.

  • SG-15M Blue mirror hard coated Polycarbonate lens.

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